Gabriela Kaziuk  born December 8, 1987 in Opole (Poland)

Graduate of Polish Philology at the University of Wroclaw (Thesis: Representations of Photography in Contemporary Polish Poetry - tutor Prof. Wojciech Soliński)

Student of Artistic Graphic Arts in Lodz


2007 Brighton “Art Cafe” (USA). collectiv
2008 Wrocław “Miasto Sztuk” ( Poland) collectiv
2009 Poznań „Cafe foto allegro” (Poland) collectiv
2010 Wrocław „Fetish is my fashion” in ODA Firlej (Poland)
2010 Wrocław „Taste in Men” Wlodkowica 21 (Poland)
2010 Wrocław „8 i 1/2 mężczyzny” in Rainbow Festival (Poland)

Projects in progress

2020 There must be something in the water


Movie colaborations

Who Killed Asta Nielsen  Réalisateur:Oliver Koos 

The Past We Live In Réalisateur: Jérôme Weber 

Photo taken by Yigit Yalgin

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